Pros and Cons of Chain Nunchaku

So, you want to buy a new chuck, but you don’t know which one to buy, a nunchaku with a chain as link or with a cord as link. Now we will examine the chain nunchaku, with his good stuff and with the wrong ones (the little letter you never read when you are buying a nunchaku!).

Before you begin reading, I do not support a special kind of nunchaku, I believe that a nunchaku is like a glove, and that every person should find the one that fits them better, so I will be very critical, and that doesn’t means that I love or hate a certain nunchaku!

Pros About the Chain Nunchaku:

  • They really look like a nunchaku, not a toy.
  • They are heavier (normally) so you will have more power in the spins
  • The chain won’t break so easy…. it’s steel we are talking here!
  • It will be easier to keep the flow, because of the extra weight
  • They make a nice sound, and if it has a ring, a awesome sound!
  • You don’t need to lose your time re stringing the nunchaku
  • Chain won’t fry with the use
  • Now you can be a perfect ninja turtle! (with real chain nunchaku!)
  • They look more awesome than rope
Cons About the Chain Nunchaku:
  • More wait? no thanks!
  • I can’t see the damage it has? Cool, I can expect anytime a flying stick
  • Ballbearings? Didn’t you know they can explode anytime?
  • They do make noise, not so good, when you are spinning indoors at midnight
  • If they fall, they would make greater noise!
  • Beware of falling chain nunchaku, if you are barefoot
  • The ballbearings may damage and makes scratches to the wood if they are drop
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