Some Nunchaku Terms You Should Know

If you are into the freestyle nunchaku world, you will find lots of terms that at first sight are complicate to understand. So, let’s get into this terms:

•Chuck (Chucks): Another way of calling the nunchaku
•Chuck Off (CO): A yearly competition organized by
•FNF: Acronym of “Freestyle Nunchaku Forum”, you can look at this forum in
•Freechaku: Term originated at with Kriztov, that mix the terms freestyle + nunchaku
•Freestyle: The action produced by using your nunchaku, without rules.
•Freestyler: The person who do freestyle
•Numbchucks: Some people refer to nunchaku with this term
•Nunchaku: Is the main object that we use here. It consists of two sticks, linked together. It’s the formal way to refer to this object.
•Nunchuck (nunchucks): Is another way of calling the nunchaku
•Prochux: A kind of nunchaku, produce by Lee Barden. It main characteristic is the balance of the sticks in relation to the whole nunchaku, and a short cord of 1 inch. (
•Spinner: The person who do freestyle, this is that spin the nunchaku
• Taper Nunchaku: A Chuck with a gradual diminution of width or thickness.
•Woodalls: A nunchaku brand that makes high quality custom nunchakus. (
•World Cup (WC): An annual competition host at

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