Starting: After 19 days alive and shouting!

Hello Folks,

This site has been up for 19 days now, and after looking at the stats, the site has get many visits from all over the world. This really show that there are people that really want a good site with tutorials on how to master the nunchaku.

The freestyle nunchaku, or freechaku is a really fun activity to do, and I encourage everyone to try it.

For the use of the nunchaku or nunchuck in martial arts, I really suggest you to learn from a qualify martial art sensei, that will teach you how to use the chucks in the martial art way.

But for freestyle, you can learn it from anywhere, because here we don’t have a set of rules, or a good way of doing the tricks and so on… you must discover your own flow, and in order to help you, this site is online. So you can learn more nunchaku tricks, and have a bigger library of moves to mix in your freestyle routine.

So keep learning, and post comments if you need any help, or if you want to thanks.

Take care everyone, and always have fun!

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