News 01-FEB-2011

Hey Folks,
I hope you are all right! Today’s news is about the adds in the site, and I think you have already notice that the adsense blocks that used to be in the right column and below the posts are gone now!
I removed them, because the goal of it, was to make money (of course!), but I had like 8 dollars in total from 1 year ago! So, instead of waiting 13 years more to have the 100 dollars in order for adsense to pay me, and also to avoid having those annoying adds “for free” in the site, I disable them.
But (yeah, there’s always a “but” in all things), I found a very good video site,, that allows me to put adds in my videos, and get money from the views I got.
So, these new adds may be annoying to, but at least we got rid of adsense ^^
Of course, my idea is to make this site to work by itself, and to be able to host it, and pay hosting and domain with the money I got from the adds (the current balance is negative). And if everything goes well with this new add site, I will have a competition with a nunchaku as prize, were all the people will be able to participate.
I hope to be able to do it as soon as possible, but for now, I just need to wait until I see a cent at least.
After I make all these (hosting, domain and tournament), I will invest in a better camera and maybe in a microphone so the videos can be in a better quality =P
Well, that’s all for now, I hope you aren’t too annoyed with the new adds on the videos!
Have fun and keep chucking!!
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