News 11|feb|2011

Well, with the migration to wordpress, I wanted to mix all the social networks account into one, so I created a new facebook account, a twitter account and a new youtube account.

Also, with the change, I didn’t like the tutorials I had in SD (standard¬†definition), so I’m in the process of making all the SD tutorials again in HD (high definition). There are like 54 tutorials in SD, and I currently have redone like 30, so in the days that will follow, I will be uploading the new HD nunchaku tutorials, so you will have a better quality.

Also I have been doing some new tutorials, so the list now is around 90 tutorials right now… and I expect to make more tutorials in a constant basis until march at least, so be sure to check the site often!

That’s all the news for now, keep chucking!

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