Flowchuck freestyle

I was playing around with flowchucks.

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2 Responses to Flowchuck freestyle

  1. alaa says:

    oh hi pal i watched your flowchuck video and its amazing i was just wondering if you can tell me how to me the nunchukd glow because i have a nunchaku show and im willing to use flowchuck thanks alot

    • jmvicuna says:

      Hi, this flowchux are from http://www.flowtoys.com I think they don’t offer them anymore, because of law issues. What you need to do is “create them”. You need: 1 bridge caps (cap connector) (or 2 bridge caps and you add the cord), 2 flower caps, 2? tubes size “2L” (this means it can have 2 lights), and 4 flowlights (2 for each stick).

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