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Hi folks,

April is near, and that means that the hosting of have to be payed. I have tried to make this site free, and that’s why you see ads in the site, but the problem is that the money I have get from the ads is not enough to pay the site costs.

In April I have to pay USD$110.00 for the hosting (the virtual space where the site is stored), and I don’t have the money =(

So, if you have enjoy, or you have learn something here, please help us back! It doesn’t matter how much you donate, if 110 people donate 1 dollar, we can reach the goal!

You can donate at, in the right there is a PayPal donation button.

Please help NunchakuTutorials, and I hope that in the future the site will be able to pay the costs by the revenue from the ads.

Thanks a lot!



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