Hi folks, Im SpinStorm and Ive got some Nunchaku tricks for you. My Freechaku Labs are as good a place as any to start:


I’ll be posting up various Nunchaku tricks and combo’s, I’ll try to keep it original with stuff I haven’t seen anyone else do, or my own take on things I’ve seen elsewhere. My naming conventions for techniques vary a bit from Jose’s but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. My main focus has been digit tricks for a long time and my ‘style’, if you want to call it that, mainly involves fitting extra tricks into gaps where other moves are about to end, merging them all into one long barrage. You’ll see what I  mean later when I start talking about Spin/Aerial Hybrids and Intercepts. I hope you learn something or find some inspiration, either way find me on Facebook if you need me. S

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2 Responses to Hello!

  1. Galford Weller says:

    Hey! Nice news! Can you please explore some leg tricks in your freechaku lab? I want to make my own research on that subject, but your experience most likely will lead to better results than mine.
    See you!

  2. SpinStorm says:

    Howard is the one to watch for that sort of stuff bro. When I start training again seriously I’m sure I’ll look into it but I cant guarantee any results. S

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