Hard wooden nunchucks: prochux sinking in water

This video show how the Brazilian cherry prochux sink in water. This hard wood nunchakus sink in water because they are denser than water (this means they have more weight per cubic centimeter). I wish I could go back to my old school teacher, and when she ask if wood float on water, I would answer, it depends on the type of wood and it density =P

Win a Prochux contest: Promoting the Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup 2013

– Max 1 minute
– Make a video reply to this video
– Promote the Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup 2013, that will be hold at http://freestyleforum.net

The winner have to pay for the shipping
The winner will be decide by random
(maybe: another prochux to the most creative video decide by the Freestyle Forum staff… it depends on the finances 🙂 )

Please answer this about the site

Recently I have been having some problems with the hosting of nunchakututorials.com, and I wanted to know if anyone is having problems while visiting this site.

If you could answer these questions in the comments, would be awesome, because I’m thinking on switching to another hosting company.

– Does the site loads fast? Or you have to wait a lot to see the site?
– Have you got any errors while navigating the site?

Please post your answers in the comments, so I can know if the actual hosting server is okay, or I should change of hosting company.

Thanks a lot, and keep chucking!

Freestyle Nunchaku Video Trip

Freestyle Nunchaku

Freestyle Nunchaku

Some updates news, I recently took a little trip to film some nunchaku videos, and I have a lot of them! They are mostly to the “Library of Tricks” section, were you can see the nunchaku tricks in 3 angles, and then in slow motion.

I think that the locations are really cool, and give a better view than my backyard that if you have seen my videos, you already know it, so it’s a great change.

I have around 90 videos to upload, but instead of uploading all at once and have them lost somewhere, without any views, I will be uploading a new video after the last uploaded video hits 100 views. This 100 views milestone is to at least know that the video was seen, and it was worth doing it, so if you can share the videos it would be awesome!

I hope that many people will learn with these videos, and that I will be able to upload all of them very soon! (but that depends on the views)

HELP! Join the freestyle cause

Hi folks,

April is near, and that means that the hosting of NunchakuTutorials.com have to be payed. I have tried to make this site free, and that’s why you see ads in the site, but the problem is that the money I have get from the ads is not enough to pay the site costs.

In April I have to pay USD$110.00 for the hosting (the virtual space where the site is stored), and I don’t have the money =(

So, if you have enjoy nunchakututorials.com, or you have learn something here, please help us back! It doesn’t matter how much you donate, if 110 people donate 1 dollar, we can reach the goal!

You can donate at http://nunchakututorials.com, in the right there is a PayPal donation button.

Please help NunchakuTutorials, and I hope that in the future the site will be able to pay the costs by the revenue from the ads.

Thanks a lot!