Freestyle Nunchaku 101

If you are just starting with freestyle nunchaku, or if you have never used a nunchaku before, then here is your starting place to learn how to use your nunchucks!

This is the starting point, and you should always keep that in mind, because there are lots of different things you can do with the nunchaku, but aren’t in this nunchucks 101, because this is a guideline to start learning some basics.

The tricks that are below are the ones I first learn, in the time when internet wasn’t an option to learn, so I learned them just playing around and exploring. I bet that most people will be able to discover these very same moves with just a little imagination and practice.

For me these are natural nunchaku tricks, this means that they are easy to learn, that’s why they are here, to make you a solid base were you can build new tricks above them.


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20 Responses to Freestyle Nunchaku 101

  1. cygnus.x1 says:

    Is there a “belt” ranking for Nunchaku ? If there is, what are the required moves / abilities for each belt ? I’d like to think that I’m actually achieving a certain “level”, rather than just having fun. Matt.

    • jmvicuna says:

      For freestyle nunchaku, there isn’t a belt ranking, but the world nunchaku association ( and finca and others do have belt systems.

  2. alhamid says:

    Thank you very much

  3. alhamid says:

    I want to know the length of the string or cord And sticks
    And other types of Nunchakus
    Mcserv your knowledge

  4. Scorpion Ninja says:

    What is a good nunchaku for a beginner I’m looking at Game of Death with Airport Loop, Way of the Dragon or Prochux?

    • jmvicuna says:

      If you can try both! If you can’t, try prochux if you want to explore more into aerials, and the game of death with airport loop to explore more into passes and wristrolls (you can make all tricks with both, but it’s easier to learn some tricks with some nunchakus, and other tricks with other chucks).

  5. ??? ?????? says:

    I enjoyed it ,thanks a lot.

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  7. ????? ???? ?? ???? says:

    tnx a lot.

  8. website design in mashhad says:

    tnx a lot. it was very helpful for me.

  9. ??? ??? ???? says:

    thank you this is very good

  10. Richard says:

    Hi, I love this video, but can not see how you do the infinity hand roll, I’ve tried for 3 days now and can’t get it. Anyway fantastic video!

  11. mohsen says:

    very gooooooooooood site

  12. Rayeaz says:

    I like to learn nunchaku art within a short time

  13. Brucester says:

    Nice basic tutorial :). A little advice : when swinging at the waist (5:00 minute mark) you want to keep the handle pointed straight up in the air and pull the stick sharply back and forth, you’ll get a lot more speed that way. Also when doing over the shoulder, you want to stop your swing when the upper arm is parallel to the ground and your elbow makes a 90 degree angle . I was taught by an amazing guy who was black belt in three styles.

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