is Safe!

Hey guys,

I came across the Norton site (it’s an anti-virus), and Found that this site is safe to browse, and it’s not annoying =)

You can check the results here:

Well, of course that I will never put anything in the site that may harm someone’s computer, but it’s nice to see the “all OK” by Norton.

Take care and have fun!


“Years I’ve researched the net looking for nunchaku references and tutorials.. I couldn’t imagine how nunchaku today has evolved.. Still, there are several nunchaku tutorial around the web.. but looking into Jose’s, I see an expert user who shares his nunchaku knowledge in the most current application. The site has a complete info, in a way – different from the other tutorial sites. What’s amazing is that all the videos are in high and very clear quality. Jose has put it in a very clever way. Initially everyone has fear in using nunchaku.. but when a non-nunchaku user tries any of these tutorials, I believe, its more than what he expected from himself! 😉 “

name: Howard Lee
cyber name: psionics or hapuzi

“Ive been chucking for a few years now and im always looking for new and interesting things on the subject.  Whether it be the newest innovations of style of spinning or tutorials for me to brush up on things forgotten.  Jose has made an excellent website for those crazy spinners out there who want to explore the real of nunchaku theory and freestyle.  Also sections for you to learn about nunchaku themselves.  Tons of videos with tutorials, that are absolutely excellent, well explained, and displayed.  I love this site, and so will you.”

Name: Alex Atwood
Cyber Name: TuKongChucks and Valthrudnir


“Great tutorials, awesome DIY videos and even some interesting articles and theories about freechaku; this website is excellent and this is what every spinners expected. Jose did an awesome work, everything is well explained and detailled in videos. This is what you need to learn more about nunchaku freestyle.”

Name: Oberle Stéphane
Cyber Name: 67steph67

How to Learn Nunchaku

Do you want to learn nunchaku or nunchucks? Then here are some tips you should do in order to get better at it:

  • Don’t pay too much attention to names… In the end what matters here is your freestyle!
  • Always try to reverse moves you have learned.
  • If you are really struggling with a move, try something else.
  • Practice with music for a change.
  • Don’t be big headed about your skills or people will think you are a fool.
  • Use a 50/50 approach if you are going to practice for 1 hour, do 30 mins of stuff you love and 30 mins of stuff you don’t.
  • Respect the nunchaku… you never know when a lose swing will hit the back of your head.
  • Have fun!

News 11|feb|2011

Well, with the migration to wordpress, I wanted to mix all the social networks account into one, so I created a new facebook account, a twitter account and a new youtube account.

Also, with the change, I didn’t like the tutorials I had in SD (standard definition), so I’m in the process of making all the SD tutorials again in HD (high definition). There are like 54 tutorials in SD, and I currently have redone like 30, so in the days that will follow, I will be uploading the new HD nunchaku tutorials, so you will have a better quality.

Also I have been doing some new tutorials, so the list now is around 90 tutorials right now… and I expect to make more tutorials in a constant basis until march at least, so be sure to check the site often!

That’s all the news for now, keep chucking!

Updating site

Sorry for the problems, but I’m updating the site.

Currently I don’t have access to the admin section of the site (i’m using a web proxy to write this), and I can’t make the changes I want…. I need to wait some time so the change of the site is spread all over the internet.

So, please be patient, and sorry for the troubles!

Take care!


News 01-FEB-2011

Hey Folks,
I hope you are all right! Today’s news is about the adds in the site, and I think you have already notice that the adsense blocks that used to be in the right column and below the posts are gone now!
I removed them, because the goal of it, was to make money (of course!), but I had like 8 dollars in total from 1 year ago! So, instead of waiting 13 years more to have the 100 dollars in order for adsense to pay me, and also to avoid having those annoying adds “for free” in the site, I disable them.
But (yeah, there’s always a “but” in all things), I found a very good video site,, that allows me to put adds in my videos, and get money from the views I got.
So, these new adds may be annoying to, but at least we got rid of adsense ^^
Of course, my idea is to make this site to work by itself, and to be able to host it, and pay hosting and domain with the money I got from the adds (the current balance is negative). And if everything goes well with this new add site, I will have a competition with a nunchaku as prize, were all the people will be able to participate.
I hope to be able to do it as soon as possible, but for now, I just need to wait until I see a cent at least.
After I make all these (hosting, domain and tournament), I will invest in a better camera and maybe in a microphone so the videos can be in a better quality =P
Well, that’s all for now, I hope you aren’t too annoyed with the new adds on the videos!
Have fun and keep chucking!!

News 12th September 2010

Hey Folks,

After some very busy days at the university, I will be doing new tutorials this week (mainly because I will have so free days because of the independence day of Chile).

So be sure to check the new tutorials.

Also, remember that feedback is always welcome, and if you have any question with a nunchaku tutorial, or you want me to add a specific tutorial, you can leave a comment, and I will do it.

Have fun with your freestyle, and keep chucking!!

New Camera

Hello everyone, the last 3 videos I uploaded are now in HD. I just bought a pocket camcorder, and it works really good.

The one I have now is a Sony Bloggie, and I’m really happy with the result, because the videos are a lot better than the ones I made with my digital photo camera.

I hope that you will enjoy the videos a lot more now.

Remember…. keep chucking, have fun & play nice!

Starting: After 19 days alive and shouting!

Hello Folks,

This site has been up for 19 days now, and after looking at the stats, the site has get many visits from all over the world. This really show that there are people that really want a good site with tutorials on how to master the nunchaku.

The freestyle nunchaku, or freechaku is a really fun activity to do, and I encourage everyone to try it.

For the use of the nunchaku or nunchuck in martial arts, I really suggest you to learn from a qualify martial art sensei, that will teach you how to use the chucks in the martial art way.

But for freestyle, you can learn it from anywhere, because here we don’t have a set of rules, or a good way of doing the tricks and so on… you must discover your own flow, and in order to help you, this site is online. So you can learn more nunchaku tricks, and have a bigger library of moves to mix in your freestyle routine.

So keep learning, and post comments if you need any help, or if you want to thanks.

Take care everyone, and always have fun!