How to buy a Flowchuck (from Flowtoys)

You can build a set of chucks from the following parts:
2 x 2L short tubes:
1 x cap connector:
2 x flower caps:
4 x flowlights:

While the modular system enables us to create an illuminated prop resembling nunchaku, these are not traditional nunchaku. The bridge caps are designed to come off with a twist, and so flowchucks are NOT recommended for hard/fast use without modification. If you have a hard/fast style, we recommend using clear packing tape to secure the bridge cap.

Hard wooden nunchucks: prochux sinking in water

This video show how the Brazilian cherry prochux sink in water. This hard wood nunchakus sink in water because they are denser than water (this means they have more weight per cubic centimeter). I wish I could go back to my old school teacher, and when she ask if wood float on water, I would answer, it depends on the type of wood and it density =P

Foam Nunchaku Review

This video is a review of a foam nunchaku I bought. Personally I don’t like foam chucks, I think is better if you start practicing with a real nunchaku from the start, but if you like foam, go for it!
Also, in many countries foam nunchaku are legal, and normal nunchakus are illegal, so it can be a very wise; decision to use foam nunchaku in those countries.