Fire Craziness: Freestyle Nunchaku

Hi folks,

Here is the video of my first burn! It was great!!! The “whoooosh” sound that the fire makes is really exciting and gives a total new meaning to the flow. It was a great session. I hope you enjoy the video.

The nunchakus are from NinjaPyrate, and they are really cool… check them out.

The music was: “Wrong side of the revolution” by Josh Woodward –



Happy chucking!!

Fire Nunchaku Craziness

These are the photos I took from the 2nd and 3rd burn! (The first burn was captured in video, so there aren’t pictures of it.)

I hope you like them!

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Maintaining Nunchaku Control

Once set in motion, nunchaku follow their own pattern of behaviour that you can work around. This video demonstrates it.  Sorry about the sound quality. You can view the full blog post here, or visit my site for other posts and articles. If you like my tutorial, please Like My Facebook page and/or
Thanks for watching.