Nunchaku Tip #8

Don’t freestyle in the rain, unless your chuck has a nice grip… if you do, the chances of a flying nunchaku are nearly 100%.

Always be safe and look around you for objects, animals and people that you may harm… choose areas were you may spin happy, and not with accidents.

Nunchaku Tip #5

Speed without technique is like trying to reach the moon in a bike. First build a good foundation, with good technique, and then the speed will come along… trying to do it the opposite way will be a lot harder, with unwanted hits, and you will probably end doing it wrong.

Nunchaku Tip #3

While you are doing freestyle you will probably make a some mistakes. Do not ignore them, they could be a new trick.

Always keep looking for new nunchaku tricks, and for new exploration grounds. Freestyle nunchaku is a huge world, with lots of undiscovered treasures.