Where can I learn how to use a nunchaku?


So, is very common to see on internet people asking where they can learn how to use a nunchaku. And in order to answer that question, we need to understand another thing first.


Here we can see many answers, so I will try to list a few:

  • Because I want to kick someone’s ass
  • Because I want to learn Martial Arts
  • Because I want to be cool
  • Because I want to learn freestyle
Here are just some answer people may give to the question, so let’s review each of them.
Because I want to kick someone’s ass: If you want to have or use a chux for this reason, you should see a psychologist, in order to get some pills, and also a good lawyer, because you will probably will end in jail. And to answer where to learn how to use a nunchaku, don’t be stupid, is better not do learn it.
Because I want to learn Martial Arts: Excellent! If you want to progress your Martial Arts training, the nunchaku is an excellent tool to go with. Remember to find a GOOD sensei, that will be able to teach you well, and beware of the scamers that are everywhere!
Because I want to be cool: If you are so lost with your own identity, and you want it just to be cool, then find first who you are…. and then explore what you like 😉
Because I want to learn freestyle: If you want to learn freestyle, then you can learn it anywhere! The cool thing of freestyle, is that there isn’t any rule, so you can explore by yourself the deeps of freestyle nunchaku or freechaku. If you want to get some inspiration, then watch some videos. The best ones around are the videos of the World Cup and Chuck Off from freestyle forum, some Chinese chuckers are awesome too. There is a channel in youtube with videos from them.
Now, if you want to learn step by step, then go to freestyle forum, and search the tutorial section, or you can watch my videos here, in this site.
Just remember that freestyle has a lot of art, so you must create and develop your style, in order to have a better freestyle everyday!