How to Make Magazine Nunchaku

Ever wonder how to make a nunchaku? With this tutorial, and few materials, you can make one for yourself!

With just a magazine, you can create a nunchuck, or nunchaku with easy, and it will feel just like a real chuck.
Just make sure that it is firm, and you got a nunchaku!

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5 Responses to How to Make Magazine Nunchaku

  1. James Bulls says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier during the construction to thread the rope through the length of the magazine before rolling it up? That way, when you tape it, the cord would already be embedded into the body of the chuck and you wouldn’t need to do any drilling. I think this would avoid weakening the structural integrity of the magazine and required less work later so you could avoid working the rope through the holes, etc. But yeah, aside from that, awesome project for a weekend – I can’t wait to give it a try.

    • jmvicuna says:

      Yes, I have been thinking of doing that… it should save time, but I haven’t tested it yet. My idea was to put the cord through the middle page of the magazine and then tie a knot in the bottom, then close the magazine, wrap it really tight and with that it should be done… my only concern with that is that the rope won’t go out of the magazine stick in the middle, and that can affect the balance, but it’s worth giving it a try.

  2. James Bulls says:

    I made a couple pair of chucks last night. I started by rolling and taping the magazines first, then threading the rope through the center of the roll. I tried tying a knot, but the trouble I found was that when using the chucks the knot would pull on the magazine and try to push the other end of the roll out the other side. I got around this by simply pulling the rope through, bringing it back up the outside body of the roll, and taping it in place. The hold is very strong and I find that the roll stays neatly in place. ‘Course, it’s not as elegant as drilling the holes and threading it properly, but it does at least get around the use of power equipment.

    • jmvicuna says:

      That’s great! I presume that the inner hole from wrapping the magazine was very little, so the rope will not move too much around. Another idea can be to have the same concept with to independent ropes, so you will have two cords in the connection, and in case that one fails, the other can help. Could you send me a picture so I can post it here? ( Thanks!

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