How to Make 100% Rope Nunchaku

This video show how to make a legal nunchaku with a rope. With this system you won’t be afraid of law, because this nunchaku really is 2 ropes, so you can’t have any problem.

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8 Responses to How to Make 100% Rope Nunchaku

  1. Aaron Karmacharya says:

    are these safe enough to spar with since they’re rope?

    • jmvicuna says:

      Yeah, they can be use for sparring, but wearing a protective helmet, because it can make damage in an eye. They will still hurt if you hit unprotected skin (like sparring with a t-shirt), but they won’t damage like a wooden nunchaku, but it the hit is hard enough and the “rope stick” is thin, it can produce a bleeding wound, because it can act like a whip. For a safe sparring I totally recommend a good foam nunchaku.

  2. Aaron Karmacharya says:

    ok thanks, just been trying to find cheaper alternatives, i’m thinking maybe two pieces pvc with a foam on the outside connected by a string.

  3. Cameron Parso says:

    Yo man, you are really cool. Can you make me a nunchaku from PVC, but I want to be able to dissconnect and connect again like the rope nunchaku.

    I live in the UK and I can pay you on PayPal.

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