Nunchaku Tying Guide: Double String

This video show how to string your nunchaku with two loops. Is very resistant and it fit quite well!

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3 Responses to Nunchaku Tying Guide: Double String

  1. Larry Bee says:

    Thanks for the post, exactly what I was looking for.

    Very good instructions that I intend to use on my next homemade pair (first pair used pine dowel and eye screws , second will use oak and your stringing method). Do you round off the hole edges (the end holes and two body ones) to avoid having the string rub against a sharp edge.

    What type of chord did you use, and where did you get it. Would you recommend a flat chord like you used over nylon cord.

    How large a hole did you drill down the center and for the two body holes. My store bought Dragon pair is 1″ diameter at the connection and has a 0.44″ diameter hole for the three chords.

    • jmvicuna says:

      Hi, for the holes it was trial and error… But the top one was wider than the ones on the side. For cord, in this video I used shoe laces just for making the video. I recommend using paracord.

  2. Larry Bee says:

    When you pull the knot into the nunchaku interior, are you doing it to reduce the chance that the knot will untie.

    On my first pair, which was for learning purposes (wouldn’t recommend using pine dowels and clothesline on a working pair), I put some strong glue on the double knots to keep them from coming undone, which seemed to work well.

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