Where can I learn how to use a nunchaku?


So, is very common to see on internet people asking where they can learn how to use a nunchaku. And in order to answer that question, we need to understand another thing first.


Here we can see many answers, so I will try to list a few:

  • Because I want to kick someone’s ass
  • Because I want to learn Martial Arts
  • Because I want to be cool
  • Because I want to learn freestyle
Here are just some answer people may give to the question, so let’s review each of them.
Because I want to kick someone’s ass: If you want to have or use a chux for this reason, you should see a psychologist, in order to get some pills, and also a good lawyer, because you will probably will end in jail. And to answer where to learn how to use a nunchaku, don’t be stupid, is better not do learn it.
Because I want to learn Martial Arts: Excellent! If you want to progress your Martial Arts training, the nunchaku is an excellent tool to go with. Remember to find a GOOD sensei, that will be able to teach you well, and beware of the scamers that are everywhere!
Because I want to be cool: If you are so lost with your own identity, and you want it just to be cool, then find first who you are…. and then explore what you like 😉
Because I want to learn freestyle: If you want to learn freestyle, then you can learn it anywhere! The cool thing of freestyle, is that there isn’t any rule, so you can explore by yourself the deeps of freestyle nunchaku or freechaku. If you want to get some inspiration, then watch some videos. The best ones around are the videos of the World Cup and Chuck Off from freestyle forum, some Chinese chuckers are awesome too. There is a channel in youtube with videos from them.
Now, if you want to learn step by step, then go to freestyle forum, and search the tutorial section, or you can watch my videos here, in this site.
Just remember that freestyle has a lot of art, so you must create and develop your style, in order to have a better freestyle everyday!

New Camera

Hello everyone, the last 3 videos I uploaded are now in HD. I just bought a pocket camcorder, and it works really good.

The one I have now is a Sony Bloggie, and I’m really happy with the result, because the videos are a lot better than the ones I made with my digital photo camera.

I hope that you will enjoy the videos a lot more now.

Remember…. keep chucking, have fun & play nice!

Starting: After 19 days alive and shouting!

Hello Folks,

This site has been up for 19 days now, and after looking at the stats, the site has get many visits from all over the world. This really show that there are people that really want a good site with tutorials on how to master the nunchaku.

The freestyle nunchaku, or freechaku is a really fun activity to do, and I encourage everyone to try it.

For the use of the nunchaku or nunchuck in martial arts, I really suggest you to learn from a qualify martial art sensei, that will teach you how to use the chucks in the martial art way.

But for freestyle, you can learn it from anywhere, because here we don’t have a set of rules, or a good way of doing the tricks and so on… you must discover your own flow, and in order to help you, this site is online. So you can learn more nunchaku tricks, and have a bigger library of moves to mix in your freestyle routine.

So keep learning, and post comments if you need any help, or if you want to thanks.

Take care everyone, and always have fun!

Fixing my nunchaku

After my nunchaku mas broken in two pieces, I fixed it with “super glue”, and it seems that the glue was really “super”, because it has been working great for two years now (2011).

If you ever broke your nunchaku, try this solution!

Music: Eighties Actions by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Some Nunchaku Terms You Should Know

If you are into the freestyle nunchaku world, you will find lots of terms that at first sight are complicate to understand. So, let’s get into this terms:

•Chuck (Chucks): Another way of calling the nunchaku
•Chuck Off (CO): A yearly competition organized by www.freestyleforum.net
•FNF: Acronym of “Freestyle Nunchaku Forum”, you can look at this forum in www.freestyleforum.net
•Freechaku: Term originated at www.freestyleforum.net with Kriztov, that mix the terms freestyle + nunchaku
•Freestyle: The action produced by using your nunchaku, without rules.
•Freestyler: The person who do freestyle
•Numbchucks: Some people refer to nunchaku with this term
•Nunchaku: Is the main object that we use here. It consists of two sticks, linked together. It’s the formal way to refer to this object.
•Nunchuck (nunchucks): Is another way of calling the nunchaku
•Prochux: A kind of nunchaku, produce by Lee Barden. It main characteristic is the balance of the sticks in relation to the whole nunchaku, and a short cord of 1 inch. (http://www.prochux.com/)
•Spinner: The person who do freestyle, this is that spin the nunchaku
• Taper Nunchaku: A Chuck with a gradual diminution of width or thickness.
•Woodalls: A nunchaku brand that makes high quality custom nunchakus. (http://www.customworkshop.biz)
•World Cup (WC): An annual competition host at www.freestyleforum.net

If you want to add a new term, comment below

Nunchaku Dimensions

In the market there are several types of nunchakus, some are long, other shorts, etc. This post classify the size of the nunchaku. So, with this you will know how is your nunchaku, and you will be able to test different types of sizes, weights, etc.

The term “normal” is what most nunchakus have. IT IS NOT A RULE TO HAVE THE “NORMAL” SIZE

Which size is better? That can only be answer once you have test many of them… this is when you find the one that fit you best.