Maintaining Nunchaku Control

Once set in motion, nunchaku follow their own pattern of behaviour that you can work around. This video demonstrates it.  Sorry about the sound quality. You can view the full blog post here, or visit my site for other posts and articles. If you like my tutorial, please Like My Facebook page and/or
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New author: Martin from Chan School of Nunchaku

Hi folks,

I have a great announcement to make: we will have Martin, from Chan School of Nunchaku, as an author here at Nunchaku Tutorials.

Chan school of nunchaku

He is based on UK, where he offer lessons, and he will also be sharing some videos and contents with us.

He has a martial arts approach to nunchaku, so we will be learning a lot from him, and we’ll be able to learn about nunchakus from a new perspective.

Be sure to check his posts and to learn from him!

Welcome aboard Martin!