F2F SAH to Primary Front Hand Catch

A new SAH for you. Front to Front SAH with a Primary Front  Hand Catch. As with the B2BSAH your going to execute a Wrist Spin but use the existing momentum augmented by a flick to launch an Aerial where you would usually catch.

This time it will be horizontal. Let it fly for a bit then catch with the same hand. I generally get a 180 or 360 Aerial out of it but other variations are possible, as are backhand catches and/or opposite hand catches. And more, but that’s for later. S



Front to Front Aerial to Intercept Finger Spin

Instead of catching the aerial we are going to put two fingers in its path around where the trick would usually end, harnessing (but not interrupting) the motion and get some finger spins out of it. This is the basis for what I call ‘Intercepts’.

This idea can be applied to any aerial on a predictable path to intercept with open fingers, closed, single finger, wrist, thumb, ankle..

Here is another vid of the same trick:

Other variants up soon! S