F2BFS 2 B2BSAH 2 IFS/SAH 2 Backhand Catch 2 BB2BWS

Front to Back Finger Spin to Back to Back Spin/Aerial Hybrid to Intercept Finger Spin/Spin Aerial Hybrid to Backhand Catch to Broken Back to Back Wrist Spin. Don’t be put off by the name, once you understand the principles behind this its quite straight forward.

I’ll break it down into stages:

Start in Fronthand, Finger Spin to Backhand then the Spin/Aerial Hybrid (SAH). With the SAH you’re going to do the shape of a Back to Back Wrist Spin but instead of catching you flick the chucks into the air with an open palm, complimenting¬† the existing momentum to get an Aerial. Done right the path is predictable. Then comes the Intercept. Same as the yesterdays Intercept but in the opposite direct, Backhand to Backhand. Repeat the previous SAH but obviously with fingers instead, for another Aerial then catch in Backhand. Again not wasting any momentum you put your wrist in position so the Nunchaku wrap around, then catch.

The important things I see here are the SAH and the Intercept. With these tricks and a few more we haven’t covered yet you can bridge the gaps between other tricks with more tricks, off into infinity.. Beautiful!

More to come on that tomorrow. S

Front to Front Aerial to Intercept Finger Spin

Instead of catching the aerial we are going to put two fingers in its path around where the trick would usually end, harnessing (but not interrupting) the motion and get some finger spins out of it. This is the basis for what I call ‘Intercepts’.

This idea can be applied to any aerial on a predictable path to intercept with open fingers, closed, single finger, wrist, thumb, ankle..

Here is another vid of the same trick:

Other variants up soon! S