The Guide ~ SpinStorm Freechaku Course

Hello everyone! Its been a while! I have to confess I have barely picked up my nunchaku in recent months. As is often the way in life I have been distracted by other adventures. I recently realised that although there may be 120 or so video’s on one of my Youtube accounts they aren’t much use to the freechaku explorers without being in some kind of order. Not simply an order of difficulty but order of which tricks to study first to help with learning more complex (yet similar) tricks later. With this in mind I have been compiling and arranging all my clips of individual tricks into something of a course in the form of a Youtube playlist. At the time of posting 70 video’s make up The Guide, with a total running time of around 50 minutes. There are still around 40 more existing video’s to add and a long list of video’s to film and upload to fill the gaps I have spotted in the syllabus. Eventually ALL these video’s will be re-filmed in much better quality but for now, here it is:

The Guide: Freechaku – From beginner to infinity!

Feel free to contact me if you have any requests for tutorials on any of the tricks covered here.



Opposite Wrist Spins Tutorial

With the previous video’s I introduced the Intercept and SAH concepts. These are two of my favourite concepts and can be used to exploit the gaps within or between tricks to make more interesting things happen. Now its time for another equally important idea: Opposites.

This time we are talking about Wrist Spins but the idea applies equally to fingers or just about any extremity you like. Instead of sending the Nunchaku around the primary wrist, you’re going to send it around the opposite one.