Bounces rotations and passes

A new combo for you to practice. With a few tries you should be able to do it!

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3 Responses to Bounces rotations and passes

  1. hari says:

    which chucks are you using and from where did you buy them? they are so fast and controllable!

    • jmvicuna says:

      Those are the classic ball bearings nunchakus that are sold in almost every martial arts store. I made some modifications: I removed the yellow paint (this were yellow, and had Bruce lee painted), and sanded it until the wood was clear, and then I applied linseed oil. Also, I applied a better oil to the ball bearings, and with that they spin a lot better than brand new. Regards!

  2. hari says:

    thanks for replying. you make the best nunchaku tutorials !

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