Controlling Your Nunchaku #5: Figure 8 With Wristrolls

In freestyle, you need to know lots of moves and tricks to do with your chuck. This is in order to put them in your freestyle session, so it wont look boring, and you will be able to show your creative linking them up, and creating unique works, with your body and your nunchuck.

But, to do this, you need a good control over your nunchaku, so you should train control too.

This series of videos will guide some workouts to gain a better control of your nunchaku. And you will FEEL it!

The workouts are very short, the longest is 2 minutes, so if you choose one (or more) and you do them once a day, in no time you will get results.

The key for having a better control is to do, whichever routine you choose, once a day, until you feel that you have a good control during your freestyle. If you want to do more than one routine per day, then do not do it one after the other… give your body time to rest, and to learn. While you sleep, you “archive” in your brain the things you did during the day, so remember this, and be constant, but don’t do the same routine in the same day.

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  1. ben says:

    i love your tutorials it helps me a lot.

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