Palm pass

This nunchaku tutorial show you how to do a palm pass, which is done in front of your body, and with the nunchaku perpendicular to you. Be careful with the distance the nunchaku has, or you can hit yourself. Have fun doing it!

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5 Responses to Palm pass

  1. Bharadwaj says:

    Sir, firstly I’m so thankful for You for creating this great useful website which really helped me in learn the new techniques and the instructions are so clear and I’m following every moment of your videos and thanks again 🙂

  2. Roege Logen says:

    My million thanks to you sir jmvicuna and to your site for the tutorials of using nun chaku. My slight skill will be more advance so i can defend myself from an aggressor.

    I was beaten last month by an unexpected 4 persons using a bamboo stick by one person and a stone by another person yet i was just with nothing in hand. I didn’t fight either and let them to beat me coz in my mind, if I fight back the more they will beat me in fact I don’t have with me my nun chaku.

    ow, I am going out together with my nun chaku and beat me no more.

  3. shamran ibrahim says:

    this website is really excellent……. thanks 🙂

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