Reverse shoulder pass

This nunchaku tutorial show you how to learn the reverse shoulder pass. This can be a bit difficult to learn at first, but once you catch the flow of it, will be easy to do. Learn well how to do all nunchuck passes, as they can give you ;many good variations inside your freestyle!

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One Response to Reverse shoulder pass

  1. Galford Weller says:

    Hey dude, I’m having problems when using this into a combo I saw in youtube.
    It’s just a figure-8 handroll that goes into this reverse shoulder pass. I guess the video should explain it better: (He does it many times in the vid)
    Can you lend me a hand with this? I think I’ve figured out more or less when to go from the handroll figure-8 to the pass, but it seems that I’m getting too short to actually catch it with the other hand.
    Thanks in advance!

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