Nunchaku Dimensions

In the market there are several types of nunchakus, some are long, other shorts, etc. This post classify the size of the nunchaku. So, with this you will know how is your nunchaku, and you will be able to test different types of sizes, weights, etc.

The term “normal” is what most nunchakus have. IT IS NOT A RULE TO HAVE THE “NORMAL” SIZE

Which size is better? That can only be answer once you have test many of them… this is when you find the one that fit you best.

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5 Responses to Nunchaku Dimensions

  1. Emon says:

    Thanks a lot.For publishing about nunchaku.Its very important for us.

  2. alhamid says:

    thank you

  3. teaver fox says:

    I want to build a 16inch length and cord is 10centimeter nanchalku….will it cause any problem to drive?

  4. kalyan says:

    using frequentlu and getting habbit to the length is the main important concept..take good care

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