Pros and Cons of Rope Nunchaku

So, you want to buy a new chuck, but you don’t know which one to buy, a nunchaku with a chain as link or with a cord as link. Now we will examine the cord nunchaku, with his good stuff and with the wrong ones (the little letter you never read when you are buying a nunchaku!).

Before you begin reading, I do not support a special kind of nunchaku, I believe that a nunchaku is like a glove, and that every person should find the one that fits them better, so I will be very critical, and that doesn’t means that I love or hate a certain nunchaku!

Pros About the Cord Nunchaku:

  • They don’t make too much noise, you can swing them without all your neighbors knowing you are using your nunchakus
  • They tend to be lighter (it will depend of the wood, but generally speaking, they’re lighter)
  • You will notice if they will start to break… with chain they can break with no warning.
  • They look a lot better than chain!
  • You can adjust the length of the rope, for your needs
  • They look more classic than chain nunchakus
  • It is very easy to change the rope.
  • You can tie them with different methods.
Cons About the Cord Nunchaku:
  • The rope fries very easy
  • The weight in the top is lighter than the chain nunchaku
  • The rope last a lot less than a chain
  • They can break with a high pressure trap.
  • They look more like toys rather than a real nunchaku
  • The ninja turtles used chain, how dare you use rope!
  • What is the use of having a nunchaku if they don’t look like a real one?
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5 Responses to Pros and Cons of Rope Nunchaku

  1. NunChakuM8st3rXXxxX says:

    Your cons are stupid. You should have chucks if your worried about disrespecting ninja turtles.

  2. joel tapia says:

    hola podrias hacer un nunchaku octagonal

    • jmvicuna says:

      Hola, hacer un video explicando como hacer un nunchaku octogonal? Si se podría hacer, pero no tengo todas las herramientas para que quede bueno. El ideal sería tener una lijadora de banda, y así sería mucho más fácil y rápido. Saludos!

  3. This blogger is a dumbass says:

    The cons are so stupid, the rope ones are better. Who cares about looks when its about damage…. just add candle wax to the rope before making it you’ll be good

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