Nunchaku Speed

Many times, people think that the only way to use a nunchaku is with the max speed you can put into it, but that’s quite wrong!

In freestyle nunchaku, you first need to know how to do what you are trying to do, and after that, you can add speed to the nunchaku trick or move.
Like in anything you do with your body, you first need to learn what you are doing, and after you got a good foundation, you can move forward.

But why is better to first learn the basic trick and then add speed, and not learn the trick with max speed?

Why you shouldn’t try a new move with high speed:

  • You don’t know how to do the trick well enough, so it’s probably that you will fail a lot of times. But a mistake at high speed can cause a lot more damage than a mistake at low speed. You can injure yourself or others by learning at high speed.
  • There’s a high chance that you will get the trick done wrong, and your body will learn it wrong, and that will be really difficult to change.
  • You will fail a lot more times, increasing the time of learning, and you will be wasting time when you could be learning something new.

So, I should never do my tricks at high speed?

  • Of course you should do nunchaku moves with high speed if you like them, but you should know when to train with speed.
  • Remember that speed is not the only aspect of freestyle nunchaku, you should also mix with creativity, improvisation, smoothness, entertainment, fun, etc… so keep a balance.
  • Always be careful when you are using high speed. Look around the zone you are freestyling, so you don’t hit anything/anyone.
  • Check the nunchaku before using them, so there won’t be any flying nunchaku stick around.

When to train with speed:

  • Once you have a good control over the nunchaku
  • Once you feel confident with the nunchaku
  • If you don’t have confidence or you lack control, you will end dropping the nunchucks a lot and probably injury yourself or someone or breaking something, so be careful!


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2 Responses to Nunchaku Speed

  1. Choggy says:

    Well put, Jose. And what I’d have to mention is that, in my humble opinion, speed isn’t the main issue of freestyle. Sure, many times people tend to appreciate more a very fast freestyle. Personally, I tend to applaud a freestyle based more on tech and difficult moves, rather than flashy speed. Speed is important, don’t get me wrong, but to me flow and moves make a freestyle…

    Peace and carry on the awesome work you’re doing!

    • jmvicuna says:

      Thanks Choggy! You are absolutely right, speed is just an area of freestyle, that should be explore, but it should not be the ONLY focus! Is nice to have you around here bro!! Best of luck to you.

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