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NunchakuTutorials.com will help you to learn freestyle nunchaku.

I hope that this site is a big help in your freestyle journey.


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26 Responses to About Us

  1. Jim Dorman says:

    Great site! We’re trying to reply to an email you sent regarding our Husky Chuks but the address is bouncing. Please email us again from a good address.

  2. Howard Lee says:

    man your site was so awesome!!!!! respect!!!!

  3. Niel says:

    Hey guys i love the site. I was wondering since i couldn’t find a contact link for you guys but i really need help. I got the foam practice nunchaku and i was doing the shoulder pass fine, then i lost it.
    My problem with it is sometimes the free end of the nunchaku as it’s going over shoulder it doesnt go straight like it wobbles before it reaches behind my shoulder. How can i fix that ? is it a weight shifting problem or a problem with the nunchaku chain and swivel ? Or is it supposed to all come from the wrist instead of the whole arm ?

    Thanks guys, hope to hear some feedback on this issue, really need it.

    • jmvicuna says:

      A good way to catch the form of the shoulder pass is to practice in front of a mirror or window, so you can see what you are doing.

      For the form itself, the pattern is this: start with left hand over left shoulder and right hand holding the other stick in the left side –> you release the left hand and make a diagonal swing from the left side of the body to above your right shoulder –> you catch the swing with your left hand at the right side of the body.

      Now, while doing the swing, once your hand reach over the shoulder the free stick should be vertical to the ground, so it is easier to catch. If you can’t get this step, try making the swing as far from your body as you can… with that you will get use to when to turn your wrist to make the free stick go vertical. Also try to test this without speed… add the speed once you got the form right, if not you will keep having this problem.

      Also, if you can make a video of how you are doing it, with that can be a lot easier to understand what you need to improve.

      Let me know how it goes!

  4. Niel says:

    or am i supposed to let the nunchaku drop all the way then pass it around after i catch it ?


  5. Niel says:

    why was my comment deleted ? i didn’t know where else to ask my question for help ?

    • jmvicuna says:

      It wasn’t deleted… we have to approve them first, because we got loads of spam =( (sometimes we get 200 spam comments per day)

      I just answer you!

      • Niel says:

        Sorry about that, sincerest apologies guys. Thanks for the helpful advice, you were right i had to sweep it diagonally and across the body over the shoulder i was dropping it to front center then swinging it over opposite shoulder, that caused the wobbling. Thanks again for the help. 😀

  6. Niel says:

    hi guys, hows it going up at nunchakutotorials ? its me again, i tried googling this issue and no luck. The foam seems to slowly be sliding off from where swivel is to where i can see the tube under foam, can i fix that ? if so, how ? and is it normal for that to happen ?

    Thanks alot 🙂

    • jmvicuna says:

      Try using super glue, or putting electrical tape at the top… that can help, even though it wont look pretty

    • Adam says:

      It’s absolutely normal. Once I forgot my wood Chucks at a demo, and had to use foam ones and the foam kept sliding off. My Sifu fixed it with glue.

  7. Martin says:

    Hi, I am glad I found this site. My website is only just up and running and still has some teething problems but you can see what I am about. How can I get involved in your projects?
    Thanks and kind regards

  8. Hawk794 says:

    Iam starting nunchaku and I need to know should I get…
    Grip/No grip
    Foam/ Wood
    Also are hard rubber nunchaku good or bad after you get experience?

    • jmvicuna says:

      To start try the one that seems better to you… if you can try them before buying. If you are buying online, try buying a nunchaku not too expensive, or even better try buying two types, so you can choose what you like most.

      Also foam nunchaku aren’t a bad alternative to getting started in freestyle nunchaku.

    • Adam says:

      Octagonal, rope, wood for beginners. Most say that you should start with foam but foam is often unbalanced, just make sure it’s a light-weight wood so you don’t knock you self out, and so you can build some muscle power before moving on to heavier wood or metal.

      Also hard rubber aren’t the best, for beginners or experienced users, I do have a metal set that is rubber covered but I don’t like using them. Also to help make sure you don’t hit yourself you should buy the Nunchaku online and while your waiting for them do some hand eye exercises like trying to catch Nerf bullets or some thing.

  9. D. JACKAL says:

    I just started practicing nunchaku 3 months ago and have learned so much from this site. Would it be possible for me to upload my choreographed videos on here when im done making them?

  10. greensamurai says:

    Hi, your website is awesome! Is it possible for you to make another video for the rope nunchaku in better quality? 😀

  11. Dustin says:

    Do people still check this site? I bought some paracord 550, nut i cant for the life of me tuck the knot in. Yoour videos are very good but the fishermans knot is just to big to fit. Anyone lhave any advice for me? thanks

  12. Adam says:

    Hey I’ve been training with nunchaku for almost two years on my own and about nine months with an actual instructor, and I was wondering if I could upload some tutorials of my own. Would that be okay or do you have to be an employee or something?

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