Aerials Basics and Theory in Nunchaku

This video explain the concepts behind the aerials in freestyle nunchuck, and also explain some theory. Is good to learn it, so you will not have problems learning the chuck aerials! Have fun!

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4 Responses to Aerials Basics and Theory in Nunchaku

  1. saptarshi says:

    how can i download four videos.

  2. Russ Barnes says:

    excelent explanation of ariels Jose. thank you for that breakdown and definition. I notice that you also display a definite rythm that allows you to recapture the sticks with minimal energy. very nice. this is an area that I feel has a huge reward once we develop more skill. I’m making progress and I think you helped me when I watched your ariel video. I do have a question. can we post other videos during the wc competition like say in tutorials or challenges? thanks again for your contributions you have taught me well.

    • jmvicuna says:

      Hi Russ, thanks for your comment. I have always found inspiring the concept that Matt Chez said about aerials… it was something like “throw the nunchaku to the receptor hand, do not just catch the nunchaku, make it go where you want it to go”. So with that, once you start aiming the aerial where you want to catch it, the effort of catching is less, and it also looks with more flow, stability and effortless. Try this concept when practicing aerials (it’s not so easy, I still haven’t done the concept 100%), and you will see a difference!

      About posting videos during the World Cup or Chuck Off, yes you can, there aren’t any limitations, but the views may be less because everyone is focus in the world cup, but go for it!

      take care, and thanks for your kind words!

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