The wheel horizontally

This nunchaku tutorial video show how to do an horizontal wheel. This is a hard variation of the wheel, because you need to fight against gravity to do it, and also there is the dizzy factor, that at least for me is difficult to control ^^ . Have fun learning this nunchuck

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2 Responses to The wheel horizontally

  1. Jason Stewart says:

    I don’t really get how to do this. I can’t get the wheel going.

    • jmvicuna says:

      The horizontal wheel is really difficult (at least for me). Can you do the normal wheel? If you can’t, learn before the normal wheel (forward and backwards wheel), and after that try this one. If you already know how to do the vertical wheel, for this one you need to give your nunchaku a lot of horizontal force… this is to swing it from the bounce with a good speed, so the nunchaku will tend to keep rotating horizontal rather than fall. The body rotation is for that… when you turn you body, you are giving the nunchaku a force to keep moving horizontally, and with your fingers you are creating the axis rotation (making the nunchaku rotate in the chain or cords).

      Is the video clear for you, or it needs more explanations? Maybe if you explain me in which part the nunchaku falls I can help you more.

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