Backgrip table plane farspin circular swing

The name of this nunchaku trick is really long, but it helps to get the terminology of freestyle nunchaku. You should be able to do this with easy, but remember that a trick for not hitting yourself, is to always have your arm straight, if not, you can hit yourself with the nunchaku.

In Youtube, someone asked me how to implement this spin in to a combo, here is the answer:

Hi, once you are doing this, you can bounce the nunchaku in your hip, knee, feet, etc. You can also make a behind the back pass, keeping the swing direction. You could also transform it into a wristroll, without moving your arm (just your wrist). Also, it can be the start position for an horizontal aerial in front of your body. There’re many possibilities that can be done. The last videos I’ve uploaded and a few more cover the different swings types, then I will upload combos.


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